About us

Lardi-trans is a platform for experts in the freight transportation field

Lardi-trans is a registered trademark. Our users are individuals, small entrepreneurs and large enterprises that do business in freight traffic.

Our main goal is to create simple and useful tools for everyday work of all Lardi-trans users. We keep our customers informed about the latest news in the freight transportation field, as well as we work on safety of our users by implementing new data and user verification algorithms. Lardi-trans platform already has lots of tools and is constantly expanding its list, which makes Lardi-trans the market leader.


At the beginning, the project was developed as a platform for placing your own offers and finding new partners.

In the process of development, the project has become a multifunctional platform for users that conduct in freight trafficking. We have combined transport and logistics companies, large and small shippers, owners of fleets or several vehicles into one platform.

The platform has become a tool for developing and advertising businesses for thousands of Lardi-trans users from all over the world.